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Ebook Piano

Anda mungkin ada masalah ini.

Tak banyak simple piano lesson yg boleh anda ikut secara menyeluruh dan kebanyakannya perlu bayar subscription/ langganan setiap bulan.

Problem 2

Kelas piano yg mahal dan perlu bayar yuran setiap bulan. Kacau bayaran komitmen bulanan anda.

Problem 3

Sukar utk konsisten hadir setiap minggu kelas piano sebab ada komitmen atau aktiviti2 lain yg anda nak buat.

Nak cari piano lesson yg flexible dgn style anda, mudah dan cepat? yg boleh belajar di mana2 anda suka dan bila2? Dekat rumah pon boleh.

Problem 5

Nak belajar dgn pakar pemain piano/ professional pianist?

Problem 6

Sukar utk memahami dan ikut piano lessons di youtube atau di mana2 di internet?

Belajar main piano ini mudah sahaja kalau anda pilih sumber yg tepat dan diajar oleh professional pianist. Teruskan baca sbb eBook yg bakal anda dpt pasti boleh membantu anda.

I present to you


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Ready to learn the piano like a pro? No need to worry as we have produce an eBook for you. In this eBook you'll learn easily ,step by step and awesome tips on how to play the piano or keyboard.

Ebook Belajar Piano

eBook ini dihasilkan oleh Robin Hall, pemain piano professional. Dalam eBook ni penuh dgn teknik, skill dan tip2 untuk anda belajar dgn mudah dan simple. Struktur topics dalam eBook ini sudah disusun dari basic ke advance. Semakin banyak anda pelajari mengikut topic yg disusun, semakin mahir anda bermain piano. Practice makes perfect.

15 tahun pengalaman bermain piano, Robin Hall berjaya cipta teknik2 tersendiri dimana teknik2 ini boleh digunakan utk pemain piano beginner. Tambahan pengalaman sebagai guru piano juga serba sedikit membantu dlm mencipta teknik2 ini. Beliau juga tahu mengenai kesempitan waktu dan kekurangan duit anak2 muridnya utk mengikuti kelas piano, oleh sbb itu, beliau membuat eBook ini utk membantu sesiapa pun yg ingin mempelajari piano dgn mudah dan selesa.

eBook Piano ini sangat popular dan sekarang dah ada 400,000 pelajar di seluruh dunia sejak tahun 2020.

Does this ebook really help?

So, What Techniques Will You Learn?

This ebook is divided into 9 chapters/books for you to learn. Follow the steps provided from the beginning to the end of this ebook and you will be able to play the piano easily

Buku 1

1.Party Time - Play-By-Ear - Rhythm Style Piano

The first book, there are 10 rhythms and 11 basic chords that you will learn. By learning these chords, you can play the basic rhythms of popular songs.

2.Basic Blues & Rock ’n’ Roll

The second book focuses more on the principles from the first book, which are basic chords along with left hand rhythms and practice.

3.Chord Magic & Inversions

The third book is a little heavy because you will learn all the chords including the basic chords that you have learned from books 1 and 2. In this book you will also learn memorization methods and techniques along with many exercises that can be used as drills so that it's easy for you to play piano/keyboard chords. New concepts such as "the cycle of fifths" will help you practice playing all the chords and understand music as a whole.

4.Advanced Chords Made Easy

Learn advanced chords and chord symbols. There is a magic formula that you can learn to play songs according to your own and delicious "style". If you are interested in Beatles songs, near here you will learn how to play popular Beatles songs.

Buku 5

5.Ballad Style & Improvisation

Learn improvise, left hand pattern and chord progression

Buku 6

6.Jazz Piano Made Easy

Learn to stride in playing the piano. From a Bass note and a chord, alternately. (advance)

7.Advanced Blues, Fake Stride & The Entertainer

Belajar stride dalam bermain piano. Dari note Bass dan satu chord, secara alternate. (Advance)

8. Taming The Classics

Learn techniques for reading music notes. Methods for detecting familiar notes are marked in red in this 8th book, so that you become familiar with these chords, and are easy to read when playing the piano, such as sharp or flat notes. Classical songs you can play like Beethoven etc.

Buku 9

9. Speed Learning

Workout or practice tubi or practice sessions and routines that you can join to improve the way you play the piano. Tips and techniques for practice are also there for you to apply in your practice. Practice makes progress.

Here's a sneak peek to the Ebook

What do they say about the ebook?

" The ebook content is perfect. As someone who’s had years of classical piano training, but non existent improv skills, this course as been so helpful in giving me the confidence to play around with chords and rhythms. The lessons are short enough to be easy to follow and practice chunks. And I like the way the content has been structured so far. Mind you, I'm a professional pianist, this ebook I must say, perfect for beginners and advance like me. Love it so much! "
chong mei rong
Chong Mei Rong
" Recently bought your ebook and I think it is incredible. My mother was a classically trained pianist and my father was a bar room “by ear” player and I always wanted to be sort of combination of them. Your set of ebooks has made it all fun for me again. Could never be bothered by all the technical stuff, just wanted to sit and play. The ebook is great! "
wendy wong
Andy Godfrey, USA
" Thank you so much for this ebook course. I have wanted to learn to play my favorite instrument as long as I can remember. Now that I’m working, I am so glad to not have to learn from the book, even though, it does help, but this ebook really helpful. It is very convenient, I can learn to play at my office, whenever I want really. Don't need to bring book anymore, just my iPhone is enough and I already able to play popular songs, it just amazes me! I am having so much fun. "
ryan chong
Ryan Chong, Singapore
" I am halfway through the first book. Its a brilliant ebook which suits the way I wanted to learn perfectly. I will certainly recommend it. I am learning lots and having fun in the process "
tan kie lan
Adrian Pote Yang, England
" Thanks for your email. I forgot to include in my address that I am in Australia. I’ve downloaded book 1 and have not touched any other instrument since starting on it. I practice until my hands have cramped up and can take no more. It’s a wonderful instruction ebook. Thanks "
kim luxton
Kim Luxton, Australia
" I love your ebook, you are a awesome teacher that have a really effective way to teach, I like your format, and explanations of the lessons, easy to understand and very effective. I would have never learned these techniques with any other course, at least not without years of study. Thanks Again, Take Care "
chong wei lin
Cotter Lin Goertz, USA
" I’ve recently purchased your eBook and have found it to be really exciting and easy to understand. Can play whenever and wherever I want, very convenient. Thank you for a wonderful eBook. Kind Regards "
samuel durairaj
Samuel Durairaj, Malaysia
" First let me just tell you how great your ebook is. For years I have wanted to learn the piano and your ebook is making that possible. Thanks so much"
ong soon liang
Lawrence Schau
" This is the best course anybody could wish for. Ive been playing music for 4 years; guitar, singing and now piano. I've tried a few other courses aswell. Dont think twice; this is the one! "
marcus D
Marcus D, Malaysia
" The ebook covers everything from basics to expert levels. As you go up the difficulty increases, but with time and practice, it gets better. "
fazlieza merican
Fazlieza Merican, Malaysia
" I love this ebook! Already learned a lot. Very easy to follow tutorials. Big variety of piano playing techniques. I'm a student and I found this ebook really convenient, I can learn whenever I want, don't need fix schedule, just my own time. Love it!!"
cassandra wong
Cassandra Wong, Malaysia

what is the price of the ebook?

Ebook Learn To Play Piano
(Worth rM250 -Full course piano lesson)

Actual Price


80% OFF!



What will you get?

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Money Back Guarantee

the risk is on us, not you.

100% Money Back Guarantee for 60 Days

We always ensure that 100% of the delivery delivered in our ebook is with the best method at a 100% affordable price. If you are not satisfied and do not understand what is taught in this ebook within 60 days, we will return 100% of your money.

Follow These 4 Steps To Make Your Purchase Of This Ebook.

Step 1 - Click on Get It Now!

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Step 3 - You can make 100% secure payment there via FPX/Debit/Credit.

Step 4 - After payment is complete. You will get instructions on what to do next and you will get access to the files right away via Google Links. Lifetime updates and support available for you. Enjoy!

FAQ (Common Questions & Answers)

Yes it is suitable for complete beginners or zero experience in playing piano to advance level. Suitable for all, except age below 6 years old.

Lots of people who can read sheet music, can usually only play what is written. This ebook teaches you how to play piano by ear, improvise and create compositions. Only being able to read sheet music is somewhat like being able to read the words of a Foreign language without knowing what it all means.

It teaches you the underlying structures of the music, what it all means and why it all fits together the way it does without a lot of boring details. You’ll only get what you need to be able to play piano.

All ages, except below 6 years old.

This ebook is so cleverly structured that you only need about 20 to 30 minutes each day to enable you to make rapid progress. Most people enjoy it so much they end up practicing MUCH longer than that!

In a few weeks, you already be able to play like a pro,  provided you practice 20 to 30 mins a day or anytime you free. Practice makes progress.

Yes can. This eBook is suitable for piano and keyboard.

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